Partial survey

Partial surveys are of a reduced scope compared with full condition surveys and insurance surveys. 

Partial surveys are tailored to your specific requirements. For example the assessment of osmosis in the hull or the integrity of a steel hull including thickness measurement without removing protective coatings. 

It can also encompass an inspection of your own yacht or boat to prevent breakdowns during the season, which are often avoidable. 
This kind of inspection cannot be carried out in an optimum way by a yard.

A sea trial is referred to as a “shakedown cruise” by myself. 
It can last half an hour or much longer.
Sea trials are conducted to measure a yacht’s performance and manoeuverability and general seagoing capabilities. 
The propulsion, engine(s), steering characteristics and thrusters are part of this type of survey.

The services of Yachtexpertise

Prepurchase survey

During a prepurchase survey I survey the condition of the yacht or boat you are planning to buy or have bought pending survey.

Corrosion survey

Due to my background (Bsc. Metallurgy/Materials) this is my oyster. In the Netherlands I’m the only yachtsurveyor with this background,

Theo van Rijswijk

Being in yachting since age 15, I have been forever fascinated and spoiled by it. Since the year 2000 I have been fully specialised in prepurchase surveys only

Member of these surveyor/appraisal organisations:


Review from: Peter

Hello Theo, I would like to thank you for the FUNCRAFT 1300 inspection you carried out, it was a pleasure to see with how much passion and expertise you have examined every cm of the boat. The advice and tips you provided for repairing and handling the boat were of great class and are now being implemented. The report is in a word "perfect". Theo, thank you again for taking good care of it and I will certainly pass on your name if you wish. Kind regards, Peter

Review from: Roberto
Review from: Arne

Hello Theo, Thanks again for the thorough inspection. At least now I know what I bought! With kind regards, Arne IJpma

Review from: Evert Jan

Dear Theo, Thank you for this very quick settlement. It does not look like I will have to use your services again, we will work this out. Thanks for the thorough inspection, Kind regards,
Evert Jan

Review from: Randall en Saskia

Dear Mr. van Rijswijk, dear Theo,
Thank you again for your inspection and all your tips and advice for now and in the future. We will soon be boarding with a good feeling for hopefully a lot of holiday sailing pleasure! Perhaps unnecessarily, but thanks again for your clear report and see you at the next inspection. Kind regards, Randall and Saskia de Weerd.

Review from: Evert Jan Baerends

Dear Mr. Van Rijswijk, It was a bit annoying that the expertise had to take place in stages, thanks for your reasonable account. Your thorough expertise helped me a lot. In any case, I now have a good insight into the many flaws that this boat has. Kind regards, Evert Jan Baerends

Review from: Martin

Hello Theo, "With the purchase of a motorboat, I called in Theo for help. He helped me very quickly and adequately with conducting an engine inspection and thus saved me from subsequent damage to the engine. He also had very clear and professional reporting. was recommended! ”Mvg, Roberto

Review from: Unknown

Dear Theo,
Thank you for the competent and pleasant inspection and the quick delivery of the report. I found it very instructive to be present at the inspection today. This way you get to know the boat well; really recommended for anyone who has a purchase inspection done. Should I go and buy a boat again, I will certainly call on you again.

Review from: Paul Verhoeven

Dear Theo, we want to thank you for the excellent work and the solid report. Thanks in advance, Paul Verhoeven

Review from: Jacques

Dear Mr. Van Rijswijk,
We are very satisfied with your clear and detailed report. Very critical and informative, with a handy list of recommendations. You undoubtedly already understood that, apart from the asking price, we are abandoning the purchase. Your research has greatly contributed to this. Thanks for that.
We will continue to search for a suitable boat for us. We may want to use your services one more time.
Kind regards, Jacques Vogels

Review from: Paul

Hello Theo, Thanks for the report.
I must say that I have received a very thorough impression of your method and the ship. I think that you have proceeded carefully and decisively. Greetings Paul

Review from: Unknown

Hi Theo,
Thank you very much for the quick report and all explanation today. We are going to buy the boat