Theo van Rijswijk

Being in yachting since age 15, I have been forever fascinated/spoiled by it.

Since march 2000 I have been fully specialised in prepurchase surveys only.
To really concentrate on these prepurchase surveys I decided from the beginning not to engage in new constructions and refit,  damage assessment for insurance companies, deliveries etc.

Before that I spent 15 years just in purchase, repair and selling of yachts and boats. Rest assured that in that time frame you get trained and take care not to buy a little or big desaster!

Working for you can be described as:

Excellent service.
Thorough knowledge.
Fully independent. 

To assure being up to date and in contact with the newest developments and knowledge I decided years ago to join quite a few surveyor organisations.
As a member I strictly adhere to the codes of conduct of the most important surveyor organisations in the UK, Netherlands, USA and Germany.

On the average about one month a year alone I spent on seminars and education!

ing. Theo van Rijswijk Bsc.

Since March 2000 fully specialized in 
Pre Purchase Surveys of yachts,
barges and boats
Certified Marine Surveyor
+31 6288 06286